About Me


After working in the City in investment banks for nearly 16 years I decided to make a change. I felt I wanted something different from my life so I decided to retrain in psychotherapy and I am dedicated, enthusiastic and committed to the positive impact personal therapy can have on the quality of your life. 

I am a registered counsellor with the BACP (MBACP) and have had diverse experience and training in multiple approaches, settings and client groups spread over nearly ten years. I take an integrative approach to psychotherapy which means I pull upon these various techniques allowing me to tend to individual needs using specific tools the disciplines offer. I work on an open-ended, longer term basis and also a time-limited basis where specific goals and concerns can be focussed on. I believe that establishing a safe, trusting and mutually respectful relationship between therapist and client is vital to the outcome of the therapy. I believe in therapy being a collaborative experience between the therapist and client and I am respectful and mindful of the life experience the client brings and how we work with that together. 

I hope to create a safe space for you to explore what it is that has brought you to seek therapy at this time.